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Founding Team

We’re a venture backed team of experienced operators from established biotech and software companies.

jimmy sastra.jpeg

CEO and Co-founder

Jimmy Sastra

18 years in robotics, applied optimization, and lab automation

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carter allen 2.png

Application Scientist

Carter Allen

5 years onboarding assays onto automation in clinical laboratories

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sam alberg.jpeg

Account Executive

Sam Alberg

5 years of go-to-market & solution implementations representing 100+ customers

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mark zhang 2.jpg

CTO and Co-Founder

Mark Zhang

10 years developing user-friendly AI analytics and bioinformatics software

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damon doucet.jpeg

Software Engineer

Damon Doucet

7 years scaling code base and complex business logic for 200,000+ scientists

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amit gupta.jpeg


Amit Gupta

24 years of executive experience at 3 hyper growth software companies

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Software Engineer

Yang Choo

9 years developing solutions at the intersection of science, automation, and machine learning

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Experienced operators from established technology companies

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