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Automate your cell culture and get better data, faster than ever.

Monomer helps labs design and build automation solutions for stem, primary, and immortalized cell culture. We use modern software to connect standard instruments into a fully-automated workcell that you control.

How It Works

Maintain hundreds of cultures in just three easy steps. Monomer takes care of the rest.


10x throughput

Load your solution with samples and reagents

A Monomer solution cultures your cells in your lab according to your protocols on your behalf. You control media exchange schedules, split ratios, media recipes, and monitoring routines. To start, just load the system with seeded cell plates, consumables, and reagents.

How It Helps

Control your cell culture - don’t let it control you.


Take back your weekends and your work weeks. Eliminate manual media exchanges and splits so you don’t ever have to manually tend cells. Spend your work time on more exciting work. Spend your personal time as you see fit.

Increase reproducibility - codify cell-health metrics and automatically flag anomalies.


Standardize culture protocols for notoriously finicky cells like iPSCs. Automatically gather, structure, and display culture data. Plug in your machine learning models to create objective standards for cell health and flag problems like contamination.

Generate insights - design, build, and test culture protocols in one place.


If you work with human stem cells and primary cells, you know that cell culture is not just a production problem. You need to a data-centric solution that manages readouts and responds dynamically to you and your cells.

How We Deliver

We work with you, to deliver a solution that’s just right for you.

These customers and others use Monomer to automate their cell culture workflows.

“With Monomer, we aim to grow thousands of iPSC-derived organoids simultaneously to find cures for genetic pediatric diseases. Demonstrating the scalability of our technology is a key priority for our early-stage business, and Monomer has been instrumental in designing and delivering a purpose-fit solution that enables us to do just this.”


Kitch Wilson, MD, PhD



Design and install lab automation system

Monomer’s team is comprised of multi-talented people with expertise spanning modern lab hardware, software, and automation, in both preclinical and clinical settings. Our experts work with you to select the optimal hardware for your needs and help you install it in your lab.


Configure the Monomer software platform

Next, we’ll work with your research team to map out the details of your culture workflows and transfer them to your hardware. We install our software platform, which integrates your hardware into a single cohesive workcell and provides interfaces for operating the workcell and viewing results.


Validate and handoff

Finally, we validate your solution operates as intended and ensure your cells grow properly. Then we train your team and hand over the keys. After go-live, we’ll check in regularly and work with you as needed to onboard additional workflows. You get access to new software features as we release and validate them.

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