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Monomer Bio at SLAS 2024

The Monomer team is gearing up for SLAS 2024 - the premier laboratory automation conference and trade show. This year we’re grateful to again be exhibiting alongside our partner Tek-Matic at Booth 1053. The team will be providing demos of our existing solutions as well as debuting new product prototypes. We’re looking forward to showing off what we’ve been working on and getting feedback from industry experts. Book time with the Monomer team at Booth 1053.

Here’s a little preview of what we’ll be demonstrating.

Fully-Automated Stem Cell Culture

Monomer’s flagship solution, the automated stem cell culture platform, saves scientists from hours of tedious pipetting and imaging while increasing experiment reproducibility and minimizing culture to culture variability. Our platform: 

  • Seamlessly integrates and runs devices like liquid handlers, robotic arms, and imagers 

  • Schedules automated operations with well-level control

  • Orchestrates multi-day, plate-based workflows

  • Manages reagents and tracks consumable requirements and consumption 

  • Ingests, organizes, and displays microscopy data

  • Summarizes key growth metrics like growth rate and doubling time

  • Tracks sample lineage and parent-child relationships 

  • Notifies users of anomalous results and needed interventions based on readout data 

Organoid Monitor

Over the last few months, the Monomer team has been hard at work extending our platform to support stem cell-derived organoid culture. One of the key challenges when maintaining organoid cultures in high-throughput is managing and quickly reviewing thousands of microscopy images that are generated by daily imaging routines. We’re excited to be debuting a prototype of our new Organoid Monitor product, which:

  • Orchestrates weeks long differentiation protocols managing media additions using many diff media recipes

  • Ingests and structures imaging and video data produced by daily imaging of hundreds of organoids maintained by the automation platform

  • Enables quick image browsing to monitor progress and discover anomalous results

  • Makes visualizing longitudinal imaging data straightforward and delightful

  • Can be integrated with ML models to detect anomalies or quantify metrics of interest

Orchestration for Cell Line Engineering

As we have rolled out our culture solutions to customers, we are consistently encountering teams struggling to orchestrate their cell line engineering processes. These customers are struggling with a few key challenges central to any engineering workflow: 

  • Tracking the status of dozens of active plates currently moving through the process

  • Propagating plates along with associated screening data between each step in their engineering process

  • Collating relevant data at a particular stage in their process, e.g. hit-picking, to make timely and informed decisions about which candidates to promote

  • Visualizing the lineage of candidate clones

In response, we’ve built a prototype of our first product for Cell Line Engineering. With this prototype we’re aiming to address these consistent challenges, and we’re eager to get feedback from folks doing cell engineering work. 

Stop by Booth 1053 to see the prototype in action and share your own experiences and challenges with cell line engineering. 

And if you won’t be attending SLAS but are interested in learning more about Monomer and our offerings, request a demo of our solutions here. 

Safe travels and see you in Boston!


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