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Let us streamline your
day-to-day lab operations.

Avoid common pitfalls and future-proof your automation.

We help new companies get started on their first set of instruments and established companies get more out of their existing infrastructure.

There is an abundance of instrument options available, and many instruments come with high costs (50-250K) and multiple month lead times. Early decisions can lock you in, and picking the wrong instrument can be disastrous for a fast-moving start-up.

We work closely with your scientists to understand your protocols in-depth and help you scale up from manual to benchtop to workcell automation, set up QC in parallel, or help make it easier to comply with SOPs through good design. We can help you answer questions like:

  • Is it the right time to invest in automation?

  • Which workflows should I automate first?

  • What options do I have for automating a particular workflow?

  • Which vendor is the best fit for my short-term and long-term automation needs?

  • How much will it cost? How long will it take to bring up?

  • What kind of expertise will I need in-house to support an automated process?

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We've built out some of the world's largest automated labs from scratch.


Jimmy Sastra
CEO and Co-Founder

Experience: VP Engineering at Strateos, Robotics Researcher at Willow Garage.

Notable feat: Founding member of world’s first cloud lab company, from seed to Series B, closed two $10M deals.

School: Robotics at University of Pennsylvania


Mark Zhang
CTO and Co-Founder

Experience: Sr. Software Engineer at Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Google, Facebook, Palantir, Kensho, MIT Media Lab.

Notable feat: Early-employee and engineering lead at the largest AI acquisition in history to date (Kensho), trained bat-hunters from Madagascar on metagenomic analysis.

School: Computer Science at MIT

Our Services

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Automation Consulting

We've brought automation into labs where scientists were still pipetting manually. We've designed multiple fully-automated labs with multiple arms connected by conveyor track. Whether your lab is big or small, completely manual or partially automated, Monomer can help.

We love working with startups, especially ones that are starting to build out their lab. Our starter package which let's us understand your protocol and make recommendations on your next set of instruments starts at of $2,500.

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Custom Microapps

Every lab has its own way of doing things and one-size-fits-all SaaS solutions can be clunky and inflexible.

When off-the-shelf software doesn't cut it, Monomer develops custom microapps to reduce the number of clicks to get day-to-day tasks done in the lab. We've built apps to send custom updates to a lab's LIMS, generate robotic worklists from DOE files, and help scientists quickly locate their samples in storage.

Development of your first app can start at $5K.

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Connect your Instruments

Your lab can grow in number of instruments quickly and that's a lot of interfaces to manage! Once we understand your operations, Monomer will help connect the appropriate instruments, devices, and sensors securely to AWS or your server of choice.

We use these connectors to automatically upload data, manage configurations, and/or connect to Monomer's app ecosystem. Integrating your first instrument starts at $5K.


Quality-Control Solutions

Once your process is up and running, Monomer can help you develop processes to routinely quality-check your samples and equipment. Our solutions range from liquid volume verification stations that detect over-evaporation and liquid handler errors, to individual-well optical cameras that can look for anomalies like droplets and bubbles.

With our quality-control solutions, you can be confident that your instruments are executing your protocol faithfully and that your experimental data is reliable. Our liquid monitor stations start at $20K.


What Our Clients Have to Say


Daniel Nakhaee-Zadeh Gutierrez
Co-Founder at Adaptyv Biosystems

"Monomer Bio has been extremely useful for our early stage start-up to understand the bottlenecks and limitations in our workflows and their feedback and experience has been extremely useful in identifying the key instruments to tackle these issues. Their help has been particularly helpful in setting up our new liquid handling and automation system for next generation sequencing  and high-throughput DNA assembly and amplification."

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