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Data-Centric Automation Platform

The only platform that combines lab automation execution software with data capture, management, and AI-guided analysis.

End-to-end automation

Featuring drivers for scientific instruments, integrations to commonly used LIMS & notebooks, and with powerful developer tools, our platform has what you need to implement your automated lab.


Leverage recent advances in AI to annotate images and analyze process readouts like confluence and cell morphology. Monomer flags and presents anomalies to operators to help manage massive amounts of data and save time on decision-making. 

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Streamline lab workflows

Configure streamlined interfaces for each task performed in you lab using our library of templates and building blocks. Show scientists exactly what they need to record data and get the job done, with no extra clicks. 

Configure protocols


Monomer’s platform includes an instrument orchestrator and best-in-class scheduler, allowing you to link multiple instruments together to perform complex automated tasks. Our scheduler supports:

  • Dynamic, multi-day scheduling

  • Browser access

  • Well-centric intelligence

  • Configurable operator UIs

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Connect any instrument 

The Monomer platform includes instrument drivers for the PF-400, Cytation, OT-2, Liconic STX, and more. Each instrument has a REST API and a user interface surfaced in our software.

Integrate informatics systems


Every module of the Monomer platform has a complete API, allowing you to fully integrate Monomer into your lab informatics tech stack.

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Want to learn more about how you can build a scalable, data-driven lab on Monomer?

Thanks, we'll be in touch shortly!

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