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Cell Culture 

We help labs go from manual operation to bench-top automation to end-to-end autonomously run workcells. Monomer’s platform supports routines like:

  • Passaging and expansion

  • Media exchange

  • Directed differentiation

  • Staining and washing

  • Imaging and confluence measurements

  • Incubation and environment monitoring

We have experience supporting suspension and adherent mammalian cells including HeLa, HEK 293, CHO, iPS-derived stem cells, T cells, organoids, and tumor cell lines.

Growing cells every day is an artful yet tedious task that requires daily maintenance, even over the weekends. Researchers tasked with carrying out cell culture rarely have the time or the capacity to ask more invigorating questions of their culture processes.

Enter Monomer- we provide the first end-to-end cell culture solution that combines execution software with optimization and machine-learning algorithms designed to analyze characteristics like cell morphology, giving operators well-level visibility into dozens of current cell culture plates. Monomer customers report a dramatic reduction in manual work along with an increase in experiment capacity and reproducibility.

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Dynamic scheduling

Orchestrate complex workflows with built-in consumable management.

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Intuitive interfaces

Simple, cell culture-specific operator interfaces.

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Robust data platform

Built-in tools for ingesting, structuring, and analyzing process read-outs.

Finally cell culture scientists have the time and process control required to ask more interesting questions of their workflows like:

  • How does this panel of growth factors, applied in a range of concentrations at various time points, affect differentiation of iPS-derived cells?

  • What are the effects of each component of my media recipe on cell growth rate?

  • How does measuring confluence with more frequency impact my cell culture growth curves?

Delivering results


Reduction in manual work


Cell culture experimentation


Months to production workcell


Increase in instrument utilization


Weekend shifts

Download our cell culture case study.

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